Juliet Williams - Writer

Juliet lives on 10 acres with two children, one husband and two spotty horses, a mad dog and a mad pup, five chooks and a very spoilt ginger cat called Bobcat (poor Ladybird died). She loves eating anything her mum cooks, chocolate and eggs (not together though, unless they are chocolate eggs). Her favourite things to do include: thinking of stories to write, riding her super horse Rosie, drinking cups of tea and reading a book that is so good her tea goes cold.

Missing Pinky

A new children's book by Juliet Williams and Loisa Gioffre-Suzuki.

Lucy’s beloved blanket Pinky, made by her grandma, has gone missing!

She’s desperate to find Pinky, so she looks in all the usual places and then in some more unusual places. Where could her special blanket be?

And who will help her find Pinky?

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Missing Pinky Book Launch

Torquay Library

Thursday, 2 November 2017 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm

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The Giggle Gum Tree

A children's book by Juliet Williams and Elizabeth Botté.

Lily and Amanda Smart are lucky girls. They live in a tall house made of purple bricks, and every day they get to walk to school trough a park filled with beautiful trees. Their favourite tree is the Giggle Gum, and they look forward to playing in it.

But not everyone likes the Giggle Gum because it has overgrown a pathway nearby. Some people complain, and soon the Tree Police put up a sign saying the Giggle Gum Tree is going to be cut down.

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